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If you only knew

Have faith within your vision And passion in design A course that guides you slowly And all will work out fine Don’t think you are not seeing The future that awaits And don’t feel that the mansion Is well beyond the gates Dreams...

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Coming Together

Ever try to measure The power of a dream? Ever sit and wonder Where water becomes a stream? In ways there is no difference From nothing it begins The pieces come together And it ebbs and flows and spins In time it becomes power...

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The Pieces Fall In Line

In life there is connection In death there is release In between is challenge And the constant search for peace A complex interaction Of wisdom, love and light And dramas during daytime And dreams you have at night It’s how...

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Stars at night they twinkle Afar and burning bright Each a source of wonder Standing bright amidst the night We pay them small attention For they are always there We go about our business With but a single care But then there...

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The Joy You Show

Romance looms in quiet space Though one wouldn’t know to see your face Hiding is a natural trait That you have used up to this date Joy you carry, joy you show Though what you feel not many know Always there for others folly The...

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Shared Dreams

When dreams come close together And whisper gentle thoughts We tend to see reality In ways that few are taught We’re reaching for the answers Like blind men in a storm To know again the feelings We’ve known to be so...

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inspirational poems by Robert Longley