Peel away the layers
Find the jewel inside
Discovering the essence
You may have tried to hide

A rush of new emotions
Thoughts now flowing free
Reveal the possibilities
Of the you that is to be

Oh so many answers
To questions you didn’t know
A flood of new beginnings
And dreams that let you grow

Do not fear your greatness
It is not there by chance
It’s just like hearing music
That makes you want to dance


Courage comes from knowledge
And knowing true your fate
With all the possibilities
When standing at the gate

At least two paths await you
No matter what the test
When choosing a direction
Your heart pounding in your chest

How can you move forward
Or even just move back
The risks seem far to many
Is it courage that you lack

It’s not a lack of courage
It’s trust that you now need
The plan for you unfolding
Is like water to a seed


How will you apply them
These lessons that you’ve learned
Memories full of wonder
And pain so hot it burned

How will you share them
With others far and wide
Sharing deepest secrets
That so long you tried to hide

The things that most need changing
We have to know to see
Knowing what is broken
Lets us dream that which can be

All this creates a mission
And a message and a call
Words of change and action
To be heard by one and all

Three Wishes

You filled my life with sunshine
And brightened up my days
Making me so very proud
In oh so many ways

Who could really ask for more
I couldn’t if I tried
Days all filled with memories
And a heart that’s filled with pride

What you see as missing
I see as a life complete
What you see as every day
I welcomed as a treat

Events may now seem foreign
But someday you will see
I have everything I ever wanted
With the wishes granted me


It’s not just in the winning
The trophies or the spoils
It’s more about the stories
The challenges and toils

It is about the journey
The courage and the drive
That makes our hearts beat faster
And reminds us we’re alive

How will you remember
Events as they unfold
It’s not about the winning
It’s the stories that are told

There in lies the greatness
The each does have in side
So set sights on the future
And show the world your pride