A Change of Perspective

Used to flying solo
But conscious just the same
Wishing and hoping
That someone would call your name

Loss can oft build barriers
That keeps us safe from pain
Yet often blocks out sunshine
And provide a trap for rain

So there you are in the tower
Alone and wanting more
Looking for the answers
About what lies in store

You can’t see from your vantage
Even though you’re up above
You need to get out and moving
If you’re going to find true love

My Favorite Story

How much time is needed
For the realization of a dream
In truth it is a lifetime
But just an instance seems

A gathering of memories
Treasures one and all
Some for every season
Winter, spring, summer and fall

Each a different color
With character unique
Filled with many stories
Now that you can speak

This is just the ending
That all good stories have
Sad that it is over
But I hope it made you laugh

Say Yes

What is it you’re waiting for
The invitation clear
You see the path before you
And you know that change is near

Sure it can be frightening
There’s always fear with change
All that now seems settled
You’re about to rearrange

There is no need to abandon
What has gone before
It just needs time for resting
For what is yet in store

So nothing are you losing
You’re just expanding you
Another piece of knowledge
For what someday you’ll do


Few times in a lifetime
The tumblers fall in place
Releasing pure perfection
And all its wondrous grace

Is it preparation
Or just God given skill
Add some determination
And then unbending will

Sure there’s bumps and bruises
And pain along the way
Sometimes trying moments
But through it all you play

All the years of training
Come down to just one game
And a moment of perfection
As the crowd screams out your name

Your Inner Voice

How long will you practice
How far will you dream
To put your best foot forward
To be on the winning team

Who’s to say you’re good enough
And worth some words of praise
Who’s to write your story
When you reach your end of days

All the words you search for
You won’t hear with your ears
The answers live inside you
And will for all your years

You control the story
The beginning and the end
So you control the message
That to the world you send