A Hero’s Welcome

Time to come home dear brother
Your tour of duty through
You’ve given as much as anyone
Could be expected to do

Just a few steps further
The smoke will start to clear
Others here will guide you
You have no need of fear

You have not failed your brothers
You clearly gave it all
And through your selfless actions
Others will hear the call

So take your place of honor
Among those who have gone before
And know you will be remembered
For now and evermore

Make The Most Of

Sail across the seven seas
With not a single care
Or soar up to the heavens
With nothing but a prayer

What will bring you closure
What will give you peace
Love doesn’t have to end
Just because a life might cease

There is so much to connections
The truth behind the veil
The colors all seem brighter
And makes your world seem pale

Don’t look too hard for answers
The truth you can’t comprehend
But rather make the most of
Each day on Earth you spend


Welcome to the starting line
The world seems bright and new
The crowd begins to gather
They’ve been waiting there for you

Don’t think of it as expectations
Or goals that you must reach
Think of it as an audience
And people you will teach

But I don’t know the answers
Is running through your head
Trust me, it is just there waiting
For the time that it’s to be said

No map will guide this journey
So start exploring now
Your audience is waiting
Step up and take a bow


A little drop of sunshine
A gentle breeze that blows
Caring for this precious seed
And love ensure it grows

What will you grow into
Will you spread your branches far
Will you chart your own direction
Or just wish upon a star

For now there is no pressure
The seed and shell to break
All roads lead to wonder
No decisions for to make

Soon will come emergence
The leaves will break the ground
Wisdom comes through sunlight
And wonder is all around


Peel away the layers
Find the jewel inside
Discovering the essence
You may have tried to hide

A rush of new emotions
Thoughts now flowing free
Reveal the possibilities
Of the you that is to be

Oh so many answers
To questions you didn’t know
A flood of new beginnings
And dreams that let you grow

Do not fear your greatness
It is not there by chance
It’s just like hearing music
That makes you want to dance