Seek Ye

Once you see the pattern
Move beyond the shore
Find the outer markers
For clues to what’s in store

Years have held the secrets
Brought from far away
Soon to share the promise
Of that for which we pray

Seen within the symbols
Are answers for all men
Sharing timeless treasure
The question is just when

It’s not about the glory
But glory you will find
You already know the answer
Because you’ve seen it in your mind

A Thousand Words

Can you imagine beauty
Like nothing you have seen
A shooting star at sunset
And you might know what I mean

Thought and inspiration
Cannot alone define
The wonder all around me
Like sweet grapes on a vine

It always is the simple things
That mean the most in life
That lifts our spirit upwards
Even during times of strife

So take a mental picture
Of this vision that I share
And know I’m all around you
Even if I’m no longer there

Set Your Sails

Where is it you’ll journey
When first you set your sails
Will you follow others
Or perhaps create new trails

It is one big adventure
A challenge from the start
So many joyous memories
Enough to fill your heart

Some see this as ending
But in truth there is no end
It’s just a part of expanding
The love that we do send

Just keep moving forward
Enjoy the waves and spray
I’ll be the wind that guides you
Every inch along the way

Wall of Tears

Unless you had been there
There are things that you can’t know
Trying to forget memories
But still they often grow

Some things we want behind us
The pain and toil of war
And time with friends and family
We only wish for more

Some of us were lucky
And lived on for many years
Others we said goodbye to
Now washed away with tears

Names are oft forgotten
From memory on our own
That’s why we must honor them
By carving them in stone


How we connect with nature
And all its living things
Makes us feel our oneness
And all the joy it brings

A simple touch or gesture
Can change the way we feel
When gone are possibilities
The soul still stands to heal

A reminder we are not physical
Just hanging out as such
Collecting time as memories
That always mean so much

Sometimes it’s just intentions
And actions left undone
That create the strongest memories
Amidst waves and setting sun

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