Surf and sand invite us
The heartbeat of the waves
Always there in motion
For all of mankind’s days

Will you just enjoy the sound
Or maybe set your sails
Letting go your sight of land
To be among the whales

Others journey deep below
To see what life exists
And maybe meet a parrot fish
Who surely should be kissed

Maybe sit and close your eyes
And remember times of yore
And know that time is precious
As we wish that there was more

Sacred Poems – The Heartbeat of the Waves

The Heartbeat of the Waves is an inspirational poem by Robert Longley about the call of the ocean and how different people respond to it.  Some of us will simple enjoy the sound of the waves.  Others will jump in to embrace the waves directly and explore the aquatic life under the water.  Still others will want to set sail and let the waves bring them to distant shores.  The ocean holds gifts for all of us in different ways.

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