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So much to reach out for Starts with letting go Stretching for the boundaries Is how we each can grow What is it you’ll dream of And how far will you drive To know your inner beauty And really start to thrive It’s not about just...

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Where You’ll Find Me

Gently flowing water Pours slowly through the stream It seems like only yesterday But somewhat like a dream One of many memories I played back in my mind Reminders of the pleasures And joys I left behind The time away reminds...

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How will you be remembered How will you be known What will people talk about When you are standing at God’s thrown Some people make a difference Just by being here Approaching every day with strength And not consumed by fear...

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The First of Many

At times we make decisions That set us on a path Not towards milk and honey But more like grapes of wrath A chance to do things different To just roll back the clock Erase the words now spoken That seem now carved in rock The...

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So Many Directions

So many directions Which way will you go Will you sit and watch the day Or is it time to grow There is no one right answer Or path that you should take But it is about intention In decisions that you make Will you find beauty...

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What’s In A Name

What is it you’ll name it This direction that you seek Can you truly claim it Until its name you speak You control the answers The direction and the speed Your enemy is comfort Against passion, hope and need Do not fear the...

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Trust Your Feelings

What dreams bring you closer What thoughts bring you near How will you move forward Past things that you most fear There is no path that’s certain No formula complete That answers all the questions Of memories so sweet We cannot...

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Seek Ye

Once you see the pattern Move beyond the shore Find the outer markers For clues to what’s in store Years have held the secrets Brought from far away Soon to share the promise Of that for which we pray Seen within the...

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Getting There

Somewhere past the rainbow The horizon or just a dream Lies what people wish for And it’s as wondrous as it seems Some will travel mountains Others just close their eyes Off in search of wonder Contentment and surprise What will...

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Say Yes

What is it you’re waiting for The invitation clear You see the path before you And you know that change is near Sure it can be frightening There’s always fear with change All that now seems settled You’re about to rearrange...

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Your Inner Voice

How long will you practice How far will you dream To put your best foot forward To be on the winning team Who’s to say you’re good enough And worth some words of praise Who’s to write your story When you reach your end of days...

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