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Take away the clutter Take away the pain Step into the moment Enjoy the soft refrain Perhaps you will find silence Or music’s soft repose As you touch your inner feelings And so your presence grows In truth it’s but a moment But...

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The Foundation

So now you’ve heard the voices And heeded well the call Now to spread the message To be heard by one and all It’s not as it was written In books so long ago It’s more a path and framework To live and feel and grow To some it is...

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Time to Jump

Welcome to the edge my friend Its here where choice is made Life’s defining moments Where all our plans are laid Anyone can turn and run But with no valiant tales You can’t reach for the heavens Without chances to fail So take...

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book of poems – Hope You Find

  I just finished my latest book of poems.  There are over 200 poems of hope that I have written over the years.  It is free to download through December 5th on Kindle.  Just click on the book image to go to Amazon and...

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If you only knew

Have faith within your vision And passion in design A course that guides you slowly And all will work out fine Don’t think you are not seeing The future that awaits And don’t feel that the mansion Is well beyond the gates Dreams...

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The Lessons We Teach

Life can be so perfect And then turn so very wrong It’s the stuff we see in movies And hear about in song The horror of a moment A choice then made in haste Will come about full circle With another life to waste Sharing breaks...

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