A seed that’s caught from falling
Will never reach the ground
And as such its true potential
Never can be found

Watching is the hardest part
The tree lets go its seed
Knowing it must fall away
If its power should be freed

There is no way of knowing
Which seeds will find their way
We hope that they will safely land
And learn to grow some day

There is comfort in the knowing
That somewhere in each seed
Is all of life’s instructions
And all the love they need

What is Inside

What is Inside is an inspirational poem by Robert Longley.  It is a somewhat unusual fathers day poem in that it is about some of the hardest parts of being a father.  You try to prepare your children for things, but often they face challenges  that you can’t help them with.  Sometimes all you can do is watch and know that you gave them everything they need to be the person that they are supposed to be.