A town to start a nation
A spirit meant to lead
So much growth and progress
But still sometimes we bleed

Almost from the beginning
From many became one
A city built a country
Amidst the shining sun

Again we have known sorrow
A blow straight to our heart
That brings us back together
To a place where dreams can start

So remember those we’re missing
And wipe away your tears
And remember this is Boston
And let our voices cheer

We are one is an inspirational poem about the Boston Marathon bombing.  This was a difficult day for my family but clearly not as difficult as for others.  We just couldn’t locate our daughter for several hours because there were things going on elsewhere along the race route.  If you weren’t watching the news or social media, a lot of the people celebrating Marathon Monday didn’t know what had happened until sometime later.   The subsequent college lock downs and eventual evacuation as SWAT teams cleared all buildings in the area made for some powerful freshman year memories.