When through the act of circumstance
A life’s course is changed
We simply must find what’s important
As our world is rearranged

We are not the limits
The physical world defines
Change is only truly present
When we see it in our mind

Some times we find our greatness
When in our darkest days
Learning what is possible
When we think in other ways

In the end we overcome
And we learn to serve again
Discovering our true calling
As a new life does begin

Sacred Poem: To Serve Again

Sooner or later most of our lives are derailed.  Maybe it is as simple as losing a job, or maybe it is more profound such as a permanent injury.  They are all just obstacles that we have to found our way around.  There is no challenge too large that it can not be overcome.

This inspirational poem was written about New York City Detective Steven McDonald who was shot and paralyzed in Central Park in 1986.  He never recovered the use of his limbs following his injury.  Steven spent the next 30 years speaking and and spreading a message of peace from his wheelchair.  Steven suffered a heart attack and died on January 10, 2017.

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