Build the world you dream of
In your heart and in your mind
Leave things a little better
From the challenges you find

Stretch yourself in directions
You wouldn’t always go
And you will find new purpose
And ways that you can grow

These are the seeds I’ve planted
And sometimes seen come true
Not only in my own life
But in my children too

Just as one dream is ending
Another one can begin
Fueled by love and memories
And strength you have within

The Strength Within

A friend of mine’s father recently lost his battle with cancer.  I hadn’t seen him in years but I was reminded that he was always building stuff.  I played around with fixing radios and TVs when I was in school and I remember that he was the one person I knew that built his own television from a kit.  If you are wondering what the windmill in the right corner has to do with this poem, there is a connection.  In the late 70s he got a grant and some assistance from Nasa and put up a windmill that powered their house.