It takes less than a minute
To say how you will live
Serving well with honor
With every breath you give

These words aren’t spoken lightly
The oath defines your ways
And the respect you have to uphold the law
Throughout all of your days

Holding close the values
Where you protect and serve
Always with integrity
And never will you swerve

It is these highest standards
That will help you grow and shine
As you take your place in uniform
Part of the thin blue line

Oath of Honor

The Oath of Honor is an inspirational poem by Robert Longley.  Most people are familiar with the Oath of Office, but most people don’t know that Police take the Oath of Honor.  As a member of the military I took the Oath of Office, but until yesterday I hadn’t seen someone take this oath.  I now get to have one of those “Proud Parent of a Police Officer”  bumper sticker.   It was a 6 month journey where 47 started and 39 finished.  My daughter actually completed the last couple months with a major injury which reflects the commitment that these young men and women have to their profession and their community.  As a parent, it’s a mixture of pride and concern because of what is happening in the world today.  Having spent 8 years in the military I know the risks, but it is different when you are a parent.  All you can do is wish them well and pray that they stay safe.