The memories have faded
The scars have all been healed
We have but to be thankful
For the bounty of our yield

Many would hope for
But only few would find
The homecoming they dreamed of
Each night inside their mind

We owe it to their memory
To live each day with pride
Always share with others
The love you have inside

The measure of a man
Is based on how much he would give
To make sure that those they love
Can have the chance to live

The Measure of a Man is a poem about the reflections of our greatest generation.  Many of those who made it home felt a responsibility to those they left behind.  They wanted to live the best life they could so they would know that their friends lives weren’t lost in vane.

This was written for the family of Cpl Michael Charles Prisco US Army who died November 14, 2009.  He received a Bronze Star for his acts of courage during the Battle of the Bulge.