Friendly and inviting
The ducks call out your name
To watch the morning sunrise
You’ll never be the same

The mountains gently cradle
The water from both sides
Lovingly embraced
As if with a sense of pride

Many enjoy its beauty
Its majesty and charm
But we also should protect it
And keep it safe from harm

We owe it to our future
To honor well the past
And pass on this noble beauty
As something that should last

The Lake

The Lake is an inspirational poem by Robert Longley about Lake George.  It could just as easily be about any lake.  Even on vacation I manage to get up early.   This picture had me up around 5:30 to get this picture.  It is quiet except for the ducks who seem to have a lot to say at that time of the morning.  The southern end of the lake is pretty commercial, but the northern end is much more in touch with nature.