My poems cover some common themes such as grief and loss,  inspiration and motivation.  I get requests for new poems every week and some of them become prints.   Feel free to request a poem using the comments form.  Specific details of the requests will not be published on the site, just any thoughts or comments about the poems themselves.  All requests are answered to the extent possible.  Priority is given to families of military, police and fire/rescue personnel dealing with a loss.

In most cases the images themselves are just frames for my words.  Myself or someone in my family is responsible for about half of the photos, others I have been given permission to use or purchased.  Custom versions of all prints can be created for special requests using your image.

The motivational poems specifically are intended to be customized.  Most of these are sports themes for high school and college.  While you are welcome to purchase them as is, we would like to work with your school to create an updated set annually using images from your team.  There is a slight increase in price for customization, but licensed versions of my work will improve student pride and team spirit.  Students will look forward to seeing who will make the gallery each year, while still encouraging the same messages of team spirit, sportsmanship, and cooperation.