Lost in conversation
Just talking to yourself
All the dreams are memories
Just sitting on a shelf

Is the road just winding
Or have you reached the end
What’s definite is change
That awaits around the bend

Is this just a chapter
Or maybe the whole book
Is there more to learn
On the path that others took

Only you can answer
The questions that you pose
And if the path ahead
Differs from the one you chose

Talking to yourself is an inspirational poem by Robert Longley about the tough conversations we sometimes need to have with ourselves.  Are we doing the things that feed our soul?  Do our relationships support us?  Should we have made different choices in the past?  Basically the tough stuff that we often beat ourselves up over.   We are our own worst enemy and we are also the key to what we want in our lives.  In both cases the choice is ours.  Take time to talk to yourself and have those tough conversations.  You have the answers that you are looking for.