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Somewhere north of childhood A soldier gets his start Learns a code of honor That fuels his beating heart Somewhere south of valor Is where heroes are made Sacrificing everything And there often are laid So many nameless battles...

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My Motivation

What is it that drives you To go where few will go To take a stance for freedom That only few will know What is it that keeps you Focused on the task Always moving forward No one ever has to ask It’s something that’s inside me...

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The Lion’s Roar

Somewhere in the distance Echoing through the hills A sound that breaks the silence Is bound to give you chills More than just a symbol Or stories that we’re told Strength in thought and action Is an ideal that we hold Listen...

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Wall of Tears

Unless you had been there There are things that you can’t know Trying to forget memories But still they often grow Some things we want behind us The pain and toil of war And time with friends and family We only wish for more...

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Welcome to the challenge Of dancing on a pin A foolish task for certain That no one is to win The task itself is pointless There is no gain at hand Falling is but certain But where is it you’ll land The world may stare and...

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A Flower in the Desert

A desert blooming flower Warmed beneath the sun A brightening of the landscape A new day has begun A clearing of the dogma The tapestry remade A challenge the system And new plans to be laid And so begins the process The...

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The you you see is different The pieces not the same The one consistent feature Is the tag that bears your name You’ve learned to concur challenge You’ve learned to ward off harm But nothing can prepare you To lose a leg or arm...

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The words they spread like wild fire Bringing tears and pain and ire The slaughter now is near complete Except for those now starved for food to eat A strange tradition in this land Where groups of people are now banned...

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