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Courage comes from knowledge And knowing true your fate With all the possibilities When standing at the gate At least two paths await you No matter what the test When choosing a direction Your heart pounding in your chest How...

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How will you apply them These lessons that you’ve learned Memories full of wonder And pain so hot it burned How will you share them With others far and wide Sharing deepest secrets That so long you tried to hide The things that...

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Just Say The Word

Oh to sing the sonnets The presence of the bard The luck of spoken genius In but a turning of the cards Passion ever flowing Words that merge with sound An unseen spiral motion As energy swirls around It’s there just for the...

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Take away my power Take away my life Take away my dreams To be a mother and a wife But what is it you’ve taken What is it you’ve earned Is your world now better With the lesson’s that you’ve learned Hear the crowds now chanting...

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Together we are stronger Together we are true Together we are more than The sum of me and you The things that dreams are made of The moments that we share Bring us all together In ways that show we care Whether bathed in victory...

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Destiny Calls

Live in wonder Live in peace Live beyond When life does cease Find the answer Find the spark Find the light To fill the dark All so simple All so clear All to know What you hold dear Discover your true passion Discover your true...

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My story is not special In fact I’m just like you I want to laugh and play And there’s much I want to do Perhaps to be a doctor Or maybe I will teach But without an education None of it’s in reach It seems I speak for many Who...

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The Wonderful Thing

Just a comfy sofa A yard for me to roam Add a loving family And you make a house a home Every day is special In sun or rain or clouds On quite days of resting Or strolling out in crowds So many happy memories I especially liked...

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The Marks We Leave Behind

Cry and I will hear you Scream and I’ll be there When flames and smoke surround you And fear is in the air You may never know me You needn’t know my name For we all act as brothers So to you we’re all the same They say we...

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To Find The Future

What is it that guides you To search and pursue change Sorting out the pieces And how to rearrange What is it that drive you To seek that which is lost Uncovering the treasure But then what of the cost Perhaps it is your purpose...

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The Light Will Guide You

Spread your winds and set me free At a lighthouse near the salted sea Breathe the air and hear the sounds And know that I am all around Each moment shared is precious And that’s what you should know But time can’t truly measure...

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