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The End of the Road

The road at last is ending The pavement turns to dust Metal that once was shiny Has now turned to rust Don’t view this with sadness It is as it should be Fulfillment of a cycle That sets our spirit free Don’t feel...

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It is there from the beginning When first the cells divide A spark of inspiration Growing deep inside In it is direction The sum of hopes and dreams Perfect in execution The milk that’s topped with cream Not unlike a seed Before...

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A Thousand Words

Can you imagine beauty Like nothing you have seen A shooting star at sunset And you might know what I mean Thought and inspiration Cannot alone define The wonder all around me Like sweet grapes on a vine It always is the simple...

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Say Yes

What is it you’re waiting for The invitation clear You see the path before you And you know that change is near Sure it can be frightening There’s always fear with change All that now seems settled You’re about to rearrange...

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How will you apply them These lessons that you’ve learned Memories full of wonder And pain so hot it burned How will you share them With others far and wide Sharing deepest secrets That so long you tried to hide The things that...

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Just Say The Word

Oh to sing the sonnets The presence of the bard The luck of spoken genius In but a turning of the cards Passion ever flowing Words that merge with sound An unseen spiral motion As energy swirls around It’s there just for the...

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Your Greatness

Soar above the mountains Fly above the plains Forge your bond with nature Through sunny days or rain Know that life’s a challenge Each day a different choice An opportunity awaits you To share your special voice It’s...

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Father’s Day Memories

From the moment that I saw you The twinkle in your eye I knew you’d call me Daddy Until the day I die You never really crawled that much But then one day you walked And went from silly noises To someone who just talked Soon the...

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I’ll Be Waiting

I know this time you missed me It’s the first of many more No one could have known what The day would have in store So unfair in many ways Such pain and hurt and strife A day of celebration Now marred with loss of life So now...

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The Beginning

A handful of nails Two pieces of wood The start of a story That will change us for good The story itself Is of sadness and pain And an end and a beginning And a cleansing of rain What would you do For the people you love Even if...

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