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My Treasure

Go in search of treasure What is it you’ll find Gold to line your pockets Or memories to fill your mind Go in search of glory It’s not there to be found In truth it is there with you For glory is all around Sometimes we look...

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One Last Song (For Joey Feck)

If I had one last song to sing And hold the flowers that you’d bring Hold your hand for one more hour And take the time to smell each flower Hold me up for one last dance One more time to take a chance Hold me close there...

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Pieces of your heart

The dream we have for our children That we will teach them well So they find their own true compass When you aren’t there to tell We wish for them a future Of each their own design And having their own families Having fun and...

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Distant Shores

All we leave are footprints And even they don’t last Echoes of a simpler time That seems lost to the past War is a hungry creature With an appetite for men It continues today in feeding Just like it did back then To see the...

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The First of Many

At times we make decisions That set us on a path Not towards milk and honey But more like grapes of wrath A chance to do things different To just roll back the clock Erase the words now spoken That seem now carved in rock The...

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So Many Directions

So many directions Which way will you go Will you sit and watch the day Or is it time to grow There is no one right answer Or path that you should take But it is about intention In decisions that you make Will you find beauty...

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Heaven’s Garden

Somewhere in the garden A flower breaks the ground Begins its journey upwards And doesn’t make a sound Things that go unnoticed Change us every day And even just the little things Can affect us in some way Where did it come...

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What are you expecting What is it you’ve seen Will you tell the story Of all you know has been Perhaps it’s for one person Or maybe for all mankind You need just look around you For the meaning you will find Some will miss the...

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The Light in the Forest

Changes in the forest Through the passing years Days of rain and sunshine Laughter and some tears Some trees have grown stronger Branches reaching towards the sky And others no longer with us Have had to say good-bye We all can...

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