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How will you be remembered How will you be known What will people talk about When you are standing at God’s thrown Some people make a difference Just by being here Approaching every day with strength And not consumed by fear...

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A little drop of sunshine A gentle breeze that blows Caring for this precious seed And love ensure it grows What will you grow into Will you spread your branches far Will you chart your own direction Or just wish upon a star For...

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Somewhere in the distance Somewhere lost in time Perhaps you will still find me It’s such an uphill climb Gone are days of wondering The whys of choices made Roads that few have taken And plans were never laid It seems like...

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In This Moment

A little ray of sunshine Shimmering and bright Will I see you tomorrow? After the dark of night Hardest is the waiting Wondering if the sun will rise Will God please reward us And let us take home our prize Knowing life is...

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Father’s Day Memories

From the moment that I saw you The twinkle in your eye I knew you’d call me Daddy Until the day I die You never really crawled that much But then one day you walked And went from silly noises To someone who just talked Soon the...

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Finding Grace

A little ray of sunshine A smile sent from God The start of a new journey On a path that is well trod In some ways a reflection In others fresh and new Reminders of a presence And love that’s oh so true So now begins the story...

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My story is not special In fact I’m just like you I want to laugh and play And there’s much I want to do Perhaps to be a doctor Or maybe I will teach But without an education None of it’s in reach It seems I speak for many Who...

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Build for me a memory One day at a time Sing me songs and teach me things And read me nursery rhymes Every day is important A lifetime dawn to dusk Each moment needs a picture To you I will entrust How old does someone have to...

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Winning the Race

Run with all your passion Run with all your soul There is no choice but giving Lest time will take its toll It’s all about the journey The hills that we must climb The little dips and valleys That make a life sublime You can’t...

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An Unspoken Love

Always in your presence Beauty to behold A love that lasts a lifetime But rarely often told So much was unspoken Words would not suffice Things might be different If I’d taken your advice Such is the way of living The challenges...

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