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My Perfect Picture

You might think I went away Before the big day arrived That if things were done different That maybe I would have survived Don’t think that – it wasn’t true It’s just the way of things A winter long held over Gives way at last...

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Set Your Sails

Where is it you’ll journey When first you set your sails Will you follow others Or perhaps create new trails It is one big adventure A challenge from the start So many joyous memories Enough to fill your heart Some see this as...

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The Final Piece

Life is but a tapestry Or actually a quilt Assembling life’s pieces Avoiding pain and guilt Trying to see the patterns And going with the flow Exploring new directions And finding ways to grow Racing towards the boundaries It’s...

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The Marks We Leave Behind

Cry and I will hear you Scream and I’ll be there When flames and smoke surround you And fear is in the air You may never know me You needn’t know my name For we all act as brothers So to you we’re all the same They say we...

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