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Faith In Motion

The flow of things important The thoughts of doing good The seeing of a purpose Of what and when you should Much begins with giving But again about the flow The energy between us And sharing what we know Trust in your intentions...

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My story is not special In fact I’m just like you I want to laugh and play And there’s much I want to do Perhaps to be a doctor Or maybe I will teach But without an education None of it’s in reach It seems I speak for many Who...

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The Marks We Leave Behind

Cry and I will hear you Scream and I’ll be there When flames and smoke surround you And fear is in the air You may never know me You needn’t know my name For we all act as brothers So to you we’re all the same They say we...

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To Find The Future

What is it that guides you To search and pursue change Sorting out the pieces And how to rearrange What is it that drive you To seek that which is lost Uncovering the treasure But then what of the cost Perhaps it is your purpose...

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The Light Will Guide You

Spread your winds and set me free At a lighthouse near the salted sea Breathe the air and hear the sounds And know that I am all around Each moment shared is precious And that’s what you should know But time can’t truly measure...

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The Joy You Show

Romance looms in quiet space Though one wouldn’t know to see your face Hiding is a natural trait That you have used up to this date Joy you carry, joy you show Though what you feel not many know Always there for others folly The...

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