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What You Give

Give your heart to someone Trust in them complete Change your world forever In ways you feel with every beat Share your thoughts with someone The dreams and hopes you dare This simple act will change you And show the world you...

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Love’s Wild Ride

Love can oft surprise us And turn our lives around A glance, a look, a feeling Sometimes without a sound What is this mad connection That others might not see Is this something fleeting Or more of what will be Time will yield...

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It’s right there in the pictures The answer that you seek The pieces of your story And things no one will speak Snapshots with perspective A single point of view It depends whether you are taking Or if taking is of you There’s...

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Home for the Holidays

You might call it a promise Or maybe just a wish To be home this Christmas With those I truly miss Home is where the heart is It’s more than a cliché It’s somewhere that I dream of Each and every day Somewhere in the distance...

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The Pieces Fall In Line

In life there is connection In death there is release In between is challenge And the constant search for peace A complex interaction Of wisdom, love and light And dramas during daytime And dreams you have at night It’s how...

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Winning the Race

Run with all your passion Run with all your soul There is no choice but giving Lest time will take its toll It’s all about the journey The hills that we must climb The little dips and valleys That make a life sublime You can’t...

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An Unspoken Love

Always in your presence Beauty to behold A love that lasts a lifetime But rarely often told So much was unspoken Words would not suffice Things might be different If I’d taken your advice Such is the way of living The challenges...

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Hands of Time

To reach across the bounds of time To know again your touch sublime Glistening palaces of brilliant white Illuminate the darkness of the night Your hand in mine from times of old And memories of thoughts untold Kept apart by...

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My Tomorrows

I give you my tomorrows Remember use them well Savor every moment With stories you can tell Share them with your children As I would do with you Leave a mark that others Can see the good you do It’s all I ever wanted A price I’d...

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A Rose From The Heart

Each unique in color Petal, stem and bloom A single flower’s presence Can brighten up a room Put a bunch together A bouquet does it make A bounty for the senses Away your breath does take A vase will give them structure Though...

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Unanswered Dreams

Wings that carry forward Aloft for all to see Dreams that go unanswered Of things as yet to be Horror, loss and anger Wrapped into a bow Sleepless nights of longing For things we cannot know To dream won’t make it better To cry...

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