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So much to reach out for Starts with letting go Stretching for the boundaries Is how we each can grow What is it you’ll dream of And how far will you drive To know your inner beauty And really start to thrive It’s not about just...

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So Many Directions

So many directions Which way will you go Will you sit and watch the day Or is it time to grow There is no one right answer Or path that you should take But it is about intention In decisions that you make Will you find beauty...

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Make The Most Of

Sail across the seven seas With not a single care Or soar up to the heavens With nothing but a prayer What will bring you closure What will give you peace Love doesn’t have to end Just because a life might cease There is...

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Peel away the layers Find the jewel inside Discovering the essence You may have tried to hide A rush of new emotions Thoughts now flowing free Reveal the possibilities Of the you that is to be Oh so many answers To questions you...

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The Sword in the Stone

Don’t be afraid to be a leader You’re just answering the call You can’t reach out towards greatness Without the chance to fall Don’t be afraid of the future It already knows your fate There is no chance...

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Look Inside

Lightning in a bottle Passion held at bay Screaming for attention And perhaps a chance to play It used to be so simple The tally of give and take Based more on connections And not how much you make What dreams hold you prisoner...

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What You Give

Give your heart to someone Trust in them complete Change your world forever In ways you feel with every beat Share your thoughts with someone The dreams and hopes you dare This simple act will change you And show the world you...

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Listen to the silence Listen to the wind Find within the message Where hopes and dreams begin So many distractions The noise of human thought Steers us from our passions With lesson that we’re taught Strip away the trappings The...

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inspirational poems by Robert Longley