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Protect and Serve

Service comes in many forms To those that are in need Not all heroes wear stripes or bars Some have collars, paws and leads From sensing risk and danger To guarding close their team Our four legged service partners Are more than...

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Four Nails

The marks they tell a story First the left hand and then the right To watch with pain and anguish Next the feet without a fight Others have endured this Though nowhere can you run To be raised before the masses And bake beneath...

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Where is He?

You’ve seen the places of my life Through happy days and pain and strife You’ve heard the story of the star And visitors who journeyed from afar Look not for me in these places They’re only memories, only traces Places don’t...

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My Church

My church it has no boundaries No roof or floor or walls My church can be most any place When e’re the spirit calls You see it’s but a fixture To give substance to God’s love But there is no need for structure To connect with...

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