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Take away the clutter Take away the pain Step into the moment Enjoy the soft refrain Perhaps you will find silence Or music’s soft repose As you touch your inner feelings And so your presence grows In truth it’s but a moment But...

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Say Yes

What is it you’re waiting for The invitation clear You see the path before you And you know that change is near Sure it can be frightening There’s always fear with change All that now seems settled You’re about to rearrange...

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Few times in a lifetime The tumblers fall in place Releasing pure perfection And all its wondrous grace Is it preparation Or just God given skill Add some determination And then unbending will Sure there’s bumps and bruises And...

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The Foundation

So now you’ve heard the voices And heeded well the call Now to spread the message To be heard by one and all It’s not as it was written In books so long ago It’s more a path and framework To live and feel and grow To some it is...

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Time to Jump

Welcome to the edge my friend Its here where choice is made Life’s defining moments Where all our plans are laid Anyone can turn and run But with no valiant tales You can’t reach for the heavens Without chances to fail So take...

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Note to Self

Hey there, remember me I’m the girl you used to be I had a plan, I had a dream But now it’s gone, or so it seems Maybe I misplaced it Or tucked it far away Or put it in special box To save for a rainy day Nothing as I planned it...

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A Flower Blooms

Each and every flower Deserves a chance to grow To open up it’s petals Its majesty to show The wind that brushes by us Balance does it give And sun and rain together Provide the stuff to live A cosmic combination That warms us...

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Where ever you shall seek me Where ever I will be Captured in a feeling Not bound by what you see Senses known since childhood Though sometimes set aside Are part of all your being That none can truly hide So cast aside this...

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Always Here

The signs are strewn in sight and sound Awareness grows from all around When to spill the unknown beans And share the key of kings and queens Are they ready, will they care? About the presence in the air A change to we from us...

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inspirational poems by Robert Longley