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Heaven’s Garden

Somewhere in the garden A flower breaks the ground Begins its journey upwards And doesn’t make a sound Things that go unnoticed Change us every day And even just the little things Can affect us in some way Where did it come...

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Look now towards the future There’s nothing in the past It is but the place of memories And pain that shouldn’t last The future is where you find it Some bright and sunny day Where peace and love is common And man has learned a...

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Four Nails

The marks they tell a story First the left hand and then the right To watch with pain and anguish Next the feet without a fight Others have endured this Though nowhere can you run To be raised before the masses And bake beneath...

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What We See

It is as though you see it Though different in some ways Intention and commitment Somewhat lost in haze It’s not that they are lacking Clouded so to speak The spirit is still willing Though if the body weak But these things go...

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Love that is shared

All those years of service All those years of love A bounty of his glory In life for God above So much of that sharing Continues to this day It is as now and always But with a sense of far away There is no end to purpose Or love...

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The Truth

All is said and written Though little has been shared So much has scared the pages And those who know are scared To speak against the symbols The structure now in place A hierarch of reverence And so much in disgrace The words...

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Where ever you shall seek me Where ever I will be Captured in a feeling Not bound by what you see Senses known since childhood Though sometimes set aside Are part of all your being That none can truly hide So cast aside this...

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Drive a stake and set your sights Scaling mountains – reach new heights Take your dream and build a plan You’ll find some help from a new man Bring together all your thoughts And early lessons you were taught Find that one thing...

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A Gentle Soft Reminder

You know what I am thinking You don’t even have to ask There’s nothing to decipher It’s such an easy task Don’t think that in my absence This feeling will subside There is no break in consciousness Not even if...

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