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To Find The Future

What is it that guides you To search and pursue change Sorting out the pieces And how to rearrange What is it that drive you To seek that which is lost Uncovering the treasure But then what of the cost Perhaps it is your purpose...

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Love’s Wild Ride

Love can oft surprise us And turn our lives around A glance, a look, a feeling Sometimes without a sound What is this mad connection That others might not see Is this something fleeting Or more of what will be Time will yield...

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The Lessons We Teach

Life can be so perfect And then turn so very wrong It’s the stuff we see in movies And hear about in song The horror of a moment A choice then made in haste Will come about full circle With another life to waste Sharing breaks...

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Look now towards the future There’s nothing in the past It is but the place of memories And pain that shouldn’t last The future is where you find it Some bright and sunny day Where peace and love is common And man has learned a...

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Welcome to the challenge Of dancing on a pin A foolish task for certain That no one is to win The task itself is pointless There is no gain at hand Falling is but certain But where is it you’ll land The world may stare and...

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Hands of Time

To reach across the bounds of time To know again your touch sublime Glistening palaces of brilliant white Illuminate the darkness of the night Your hand in mine from times of old And memories of thoughts untold Kept apart by...

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More To Life

Challenges come both large and small But what does guide us through it all Is it anger, is it rage To see the deed on written page A waste of time, a waste of thought A horrid lesson you’ve been taught Will you win or will...

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change is in the air

To be alone and wonder Why is it you’re here Feeling lost and lonely Without those you hold dear Our paths don’t always wander The road we had in mind The challenges we encounter With new things for to find You’re missing what...

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How is it you’ve come this far So much reliance on the car Fossil fuels do earth no good Nor does cutting down trees for firewood Wasteful use of energy This is the picture that we see Profit is the motivation Controlled by...

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Silent Winds

The winter winds are silent The days are short and gray Alone we sit and wonder What awaits another day The dreams have run their cycle The days are short on light The coming solstice greets us On days most made of night Some...

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Dimensions of Time

Time creates dimensions Or the other way around It helps define our being Combined with light and sound What happens in an instance Can take a lifetime too Its all about perspective And what you feel in you So how will you move...

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The Journey

Where is it you journey? Where it is you’ve been? You’re focused on the future The question though is when All of it reflective Of days no longer here Clinging to the memories Of things you once held dear The piece that you are...

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