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What is it you value What is it you need What is your direction And advice that you may heed Is it all external Perceptions one and all A crumbling set of values Soon destined for to fall Strength is not external Its power lives...

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The Beginning

A handful of nails Two pieces of wood The start of a story That will change us for good The story itself Is of sadness and pain And an end and a beginning And a cleansing of rain What would you do For the people you love Even if...

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Look now towards the future There’s nothing in the past It is but the place of memories And pain that shouldn’t last The future is where you find it Some bright and sunny day Where peace and love is common And man has learned a...

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Four Nails

The marks they tell a story First the left hand and then the right To watch with pain and anguish Next the feet without a fight Others have endured this Though nowhere can you run To be raised before the masses And bake beneath...

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Where is He?

You’ve seen the places of my life Through happy days and pain and strife You’ve heard the story of the star And visitors who journeyed from afar Look not for me in these places They’re only memories, only traces Places don’t...

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