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Passing By

Another passing season A shower rolling by A little liquid sunshine And then again it’s dry One of many cycles We see through out our days We don’t always notice But impacts us in many ways Take the time to notice A...

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The Light in the Forest

Changes in the forest Through the passing years Days of rain and sunshine Laughter and some tears Some trees have grown stronger Branches reaching towards the sky And others no longer with us Have had to say good-bye We all can...

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All of my Heart

You may be feeling There’s a hole in your heart Lost within emotions Where are you to start Perhaps at the beginning When I held you in my arms Rocking you so gently And protecting you from harm Then through days of sunshine And...

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A Thousand Words

Can you imagine beauty Like nothing you have seen A shooting star at sunset And you might know what I mean Thought and inspiration Cannot alone define The wonder all around me Like sweet grapes on a vine It always is the simple...

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Three Wishes

You filled my life with sunshine And brightened up my days Making me so very proud In oh so many ways Who could really ask for more I couldn’t if I tried Days all filled with memories And a heart that’s filled with pride What...

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The Final Piece

Life is but a tapestry Or actually a quilt Assembling life’s pieces Avoiding pain and guilt Trying to see the patterns And going with the flow Exploring new directions And finding ways to grow Racing towards the boundaries It’s...

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Shooting Stars

I know that you are hurting And all because of me You’re holding onto images Of things that used to be Death is not so final As it would seem to be Things are only different When it comes to you and me It’s not that you could...

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