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Take away the clutter Take away the pain Step into the moment Enjoy the soft refrain Perhaps you will find silence Or music’s soft repose As you touch your inner feelings And so your presence grows In truth it’s but a moment But...

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The Art of Direction

Never in the picture It’s you that crafts the view Setting things in motion This is what you must do We know this leaves you wondering What then about me When will I have my moment So everyone will see You wont find recognition...

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The Sword in the Stone

Don’t be afraid to be a leader You’re just answering the call You can’t reach out towards greatness Without the chance to fall Don’t be afraid of the future It already knows your fate There is no chance...

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Coming Together

Ever try to measure The power of a dream? Ever sit and wonder Where water becomes a stream? In ways there is no difference From nothing it begins The pieces come together And it ebbs and flows and spins In time it becomes power...

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A New Year

The day does offer promise A chance for something new Time for new direction To make a change or two This burst of inspiration Does come but once a year A time for something different And hopes that change is near How will you...

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Drive a stake and set your sights Scaling mountains – reach new heights Take your dream and build a plan You’ll find some help from a new man Bring together all your thoughts And early lessons you were taught Find that one thing...

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Roads Ahead

Signs ahead and signs behind Reflecting things you hope to find Dreams you’ve had since early years Trapped in thoughts of many fears Look around and see yourself And see inside your untapped wealth It’s always there yet seldom...

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