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Passing By

Another passing season A shower rolling by A little liquid sunshine And then again it’s dry One of many cycles We see through out our days We don’t always notice But impacts us in many ways Take the time to notice A...

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Somewhere in the distance Somewhere lost in time Perhaps you will still find me It’s such an uphill climb Gone are days of wondering The whys of choices made Roads that few have taken And plans were never laid It seems like...

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What’s Important

Life is an adventure Some are short and others long And sometimes the body is weak Even when the spirit is strong What if there were tradeoffs Or things that you could change Choices that were different Or things to rearrange...

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Perfect in simplicity Complex in design Life in all its glory When everything is fine You see it in the elements That makes up earth and sky The things that fill your waking hours Until the day you die It’s dreams and thoughts...

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I’ll Be Waiting

I know this time you missed me It’s the first of many more No one could have known what The day would have in store So unfair in many ways Such pain and hurt and strife A day of celebration Now marred with loss of life So now...

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Snow Angels

The trees have lost their color The days are dark and gray Fall is near it’s ending Winter is not far away The playground oddly silent No laughter, fun or games Not a single answer When calling out their names Where is that they...

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Stars at night they twinkle Afar and burning bright Each a source of wonder Standing bright amidst the night We pay them small attention For they are always there We go about our business With but a single care But then there...

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Unanswered Dreams

Wings that carry forward Aloft for all to see Dreams that go unanswered Of things as yet to be Horror, loss and anger Wrapped into a bow Sleepless nights of longing For things we cannot know To dream won’t make it better To cry...

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