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Every Father’s Wish

Everything I taught you Everything you know I don’t think I could be prouder At the chance to watch you grow Every father wishes To leave part of himself In actions and in stories And pictures on a shelf We want to create a...

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The Greatest Gift

Please don’t cry my darling You’ve given me a gift Through my darkest hours You helped my spirit lift Time in truth is nothing When measuring true love It exists across time and space And even up above Some go through the...

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Where You’ll Find Me

Gently flowing water Pours slowly through the stream It seems like only yesterday But somewhat like a dream One of many memories I played back in my mind Reminders of the pleasures And joys I left behind The time away reminds...

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The End of the Road

The road at last is ending The pavement turns to dust Metal that once was shiny Has now turned to rust Don’t view this with sadness It is as it should be Fulfillment of a cycle That sets our spirit free Don’t feel...

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My Perfect Picture

You might think I went away Before the big day arrived That if things were done different That maybe I would have survived Don’t think that – it wasn’t true It’s just the way of things A winter long held over Gives way at last...

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