Inspirational Poetry Books by Robert Longley

words of powerWords of Power is my latest book for 2016.  Each poem name and theme is a single word. These are words like Love, Desire and Hate that have an impact both negative and positive on our lives.  Hence the power of words as a subtitle.  Several people have told me they simply grab their copy in the morning and randomly open to a page to start their day.  That’s probably the best way to read my work.  Much like eating a large bag of M&Ms, take your time and consume a little bit at a time.  I’m sure you will come up with other words that I might have left out.  Please email me  with your suggestion.  It will probably make it into another volume.  I’m already working on a book for 2017.



echoes of war memorial poemsEchoes of War   is my last book published on 9/11/15.   This is a collection of poems for families of those who have served their country and lost their lives.   There are over 100 poems including the names of those who served.   There are both men and women and one dog. Most were written for families who have lost someone in the current era but there are some going back to Vietnam and Korea.  I suspect this will be the first of several volumes since as soon as I finished the book, I got more requests.  Volume 2 should be completed sometime in 2017.  If you have lost someone who served please email me with the details.  They do not need to have been killed in action.



Hope You Find by Robert Longley

Hope You Find which is about 200 inspirational poems about hope.   It is available in paperback or in kindle format.  If you have read many of my poems, you will probably notice that there are phrases that can be interpreted different ways. Hope You Find is a phrase snippet that can be interpreted differently depending on what you do with it.  There’s a word missing.  Is it I or maybe The.  Even then it is incomplete but there are different directions you can go depending on your own view of it.  I feel that the words in my poems are actually less important than what you think of when you read them.  I like the fact that people get different things from the same poem.  Let me know what you find in this collection. – Rob



days we remember - is a collection of poems about holidays

Days we Remember – This collection of poems covers most of the major holidays as well as days such as 9/11 where we all have memories.  There are a lot of poems for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas and Thanksgiving.  There’s a few holidays like Halloween that didn’t get in here.









saying goodbye - poems for funerals

Saying Goodbye – This is over 100 poems for funerals.  Several hospitals use this book for readings in their No One Dies Alone program.  Many people are homeless and without families and this is a way of providing comfort in their final days.









message - poems by Robert Longley

Messages – this was my first book.  It covered just about every topic you can imagine and some that you can’t.  It’s sort of all over the map, but it has poems that don’t appear in other collections.








My books are available on  Most recently I’ve started making them available on kindle.  It’s cheapers, it’s good for the environment, and you can take them with you.