Can you write a custom poem?

I regularly get asked for poems for a funeral or memorial.  This is both a difficult time for the family and a time sensitive event. People often contact me looking for funeral poems that they need within 72 hours.  While I have written hundreds of poems for funerals over the years, people often want something specific to their loved one.  This can be a challenge for everyone.

I try to respond to all requests for poems for a funeral within 24 hours but I can’t guarantee that I will have something unique for the service in time.  Over the years I’ve had a pretty good track record.  Inspiration is not exactly predictable though.  I also don’t guarantee that you will like what I write.  Again I have a pretty good track record there.  My poetry is rarely what people are expecting so don’t set too many expectations about what you want in the poem.  All I need is a little information about the person and the universe does the rest.

I do not charge for the poems so you have nothing to lose.  just send an email to  I will respond either way.  If you are interested in one of the inspirational prints for the funeral, I recommend one of the existing designs.  There is a charge for prints.  We have several themed prints specifically for military, police, and firemen.   Occasionally I am able to create prints in time for funerals, but with printing, and shipping, it is difficult to guarantee delivery.  It never hurts to ask.  Even if it’s not ready for the funeral, it can usually be available a few days later.