Those of us in uniform
A family does it make
Part is our commitment
And the oath that we do take

Each of us has families
Parents, kids and wives
These are what we fight for
And for which we’d give our lives

Most don’t understand it
Until they hear it true
And then there’s no undoing
The actions they must do

It’s there they find commitment
To do what must be done
And each day embrace the sunrise
And not fear the setting sun

One Life is an inspirational poem by Robert Longley for military members and their families.  There is a bond between people that have served in the military that is often lost on the rest of the world.  It’s also somewhat universal and timeless.  You can put two people who have never met together who have served in the military and I guarantee they will have something to talk about.   They probably have some similar stories or maybe actually participated in the same events.  They also understand the world the same way.  At sporting events I can usually spot the former military members by the way they stand for the national anthem.