It is the common language
That speaks to one and all
It brings us up in good times
And lifts us when we fall

Music can unite us
With its purity of form
Fill our days with sunshine
And guide us through the storm

Our differences can vanish
When we hear and close our eyes
It frees us from hate and prejudice
Providing truth to fight the lies

Perhaps it is music
And not justice that is blind
But both can be important
For the peace we all must find


Almost every inspirational poem I write is a response to some event.  It may be a life event that only affects a single person, or it may be an event like the shootings this week in Dallas and elsewhere that have gripped the entire country.  It is sort of amazing to me that in 2016 we are still dealing with racial problems.  We should be past the point where we focus on our differences but apparently we aren’t.  One unifying force in the universe is music.  Not everyone likes all music, but it still cuts across boundaries in ways that few other things do.

This poem was largely a result of me reading a Facebook post this morning from Noelle Scaggs.  She is the female co-lead singer of Fitz and the Tantrums (which I highly recommend).   Here’s an excerpt of what Noelle had to say,  “I know that music is the one form of communication that cuts through all of the bullshit. It unites everyone, touches everyone, allows people to listen with no misconceived notions. It is beauty in its purist form”.

It’s going to take a lot to get us past the hate, racism and violence we have been seeing lately, but I’m sure that music is going to be an important part of it.