I have been writing inspirational poems for over 30 years.  Many poems are written for funerals, but also for happy occasions.  I have written inspirational poems for weddings, birth of a baby, christenings, and even sports championships.  There are hundreds in the current collection, but it is constantly being added to.  All come from  reader requests and there is never a charge.

echoes of war

Echoes of War   is my latest book published on 9/11/15.   It is available in paperback and in kindle format.  This is a collection of poems for families of those who have served their country and lost their lives.   There are over 100 poems including the names of those who served.   Most were written for families who have lost someone in the current era but there are some going back to Vietnam and Korea.  I suspect this will be the first of several volumes since as soon as I finished the book, I got more requests.  If you have lost someone who served please email me with the details.  They do not need to have been killed in action.


My last book was Hope You Find which is about 200 inspirational poems about hope.   It is available in paperback or in kindle format.  I have one book currently in the works – Words of Power.  Words of Power is all poems centered around single words like Insecurity, Integrity, Discovery, etc.  that impact our lives in some way.

Maybe you don’t have a special occasion, but you just need a little inspiration in your life.  You could be hoping for a new job, a new relationships, or just a new direction in your life.  Chances are you will get something out of what I write.  It’s rarely what people expect, but they tend to have an impact on people’s lives.

Over the years I have presented poems at the Earth Summit in Rio, had poems included in movies and set to music and performed at various places around the world.  I’ve also tried to create poems for as many veterans who have given their lives.  Most of my inspirational poems were just written because someone was looking for some direction in their life.

This site only contains 100+ poems.  There are several hundred more in my books.  And if you want one specifically for you, just send a request and tell me what you are looking for.  I don’t guarantee a poem, but I generally have something for almost everyone.  Just drop me an email at rob@sacredpoems.com.