a hero's welcome - for Gold Star FamilesThis past year I did poems for a group of Gold Star Families.  I have done individual poems for military families for some time but this was the first time I did a group.  It took me several weeks to write individual poems for the more than 50 attendees.  If you happen to be the organizer of a Gold Star Family event and would like to do the same for your attendees please contact me as soon as possible with the list of attendees and their respective service member.  There is no charge for the poems and I will do my best to have poems available for the event.  No guarantees other than I will try to get them done in advance.  Three to six months notice is preferable if you have a list of attendees.

The poem print of A Hero’s Welcome is available signed and customized for Gold Star Families.  The print is currently available with all services except Coast Guard.  There are versions in both formal and utility uniforms.  If you have an official full length photo of your loved one, it can be customized with that image at no additional charge.  Customized signed versions are available as an 11 X 14 photographic print $50 or a 12 X 16 canvas print $100.  Please email me regarding customized versions.

echoes of war for Gold Star FamiliesEchoes of War was the book that resulted from last year’s Gold Star September  event.  The book contains 150 memorial poems for Military families.  Most have the name of each service member included with the poem. Signed copies are available for Gold Star events at a discounted price.   Volume 2 is already in the works and depending on numbers of requests in 2016 may be available for September events.   The cover image is also available as a print and includes over 10,000 images of over 100 soldiers who gave their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan.

If you are coordinating a Gold Star Family event please contact me about any of the above items or any other ideas you might have.  The poems are always free so there is something for every budget.  Please email me with details of what you might like to do.