Stand upon the mountain
Raise your wings up high
Cast aside the chains of fear
Trust and you will fly

Rejoice now in the knowledge
Returned to you this day
You’ve always had the power
To simply fly away

So dance with me this evening
Above the lands below
The clouds provide our dance floor
Neath the light of those we know

The earth provides the music
To set your spirit free
You only need to trust yourself
Fly! And you will see

Have you ever wondered at which point birds realize they can fly?  This inspirational poem is about that same moment for people.  Do you know that you are capable of more than what you are doing right now?  We tend to believe what others have told us more than what we tell ourselves.  This can mean having the ability to fly and never feeling comfortable enough to use it.  You need to know it is ok to fly and be the person you are supposed to be.  Once you learn that there is more to your life and destiny, you will find that the universe is there to provide the things that you need to be your best self.

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