Poem Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are Sacred Poems?

A.  I originally called them “Messages” but that domain name was taken.  Most follow the quatrain format (four sections of four lines) used by Nostradamus, but there are are a few which are longer or shorter.  They tend to be responses to individual needs or events.  Some are global, others are specific to a single person.

Q. How does this work?

A. After 20 years of doing this I don’t have a good explanation.  To quote the Rolling Stones ” you can’t always get what you want…you get what you need.”.  Basically, unless there is some cosmic reason why you need to receive something (you’ve lost a loved one, you’re at a cross roads in your life, etc), there may be nothing to send you.  Occassionally, what you get may not be what you wanted.

Q. Do you have the poem that starts out with…?

A. Unfortunately, this is not a poetry library.  If I didn’t write it, I don’t have it.

Q. Can you write a poem for my daughter’s 3rd birthday, graduation, wedding, etc.?

A. Generally no but there are more than a few exceptions on this site.  That is generally more of a creative process.  All poems on this site were written in a matter of minutes, and qualify more as automatic writing.  Let us know if there are other questions to add to the Poem FAQs.