It is time for dreaming better
As well as thoughts and deed
Creating new directions
From the messages that we read

It is time for thinking better
About our fellow man
Helping is so important
That we must all do what we can

Change is ever present
But we seem to see it now
The path ahead seems rocky
As we figure out the how

So much is just moving forward
Awaking from the night
Welcoming the wisdom
Of things that come to light

Sacred Poem: Dream Better

Welcome to a new year.   It’s time to dream better.   For those of us in the United States we are are about to welcome a new President which is cause for excitement for some and fear for others.  While many of us are focused on what one man will do in the White House, what is important is what each of us will do in the new year.  We all have to do what we can to make our world a better place.  Our future won’t be determined by one person whether you voted for him or not.  The only person that controls your future is you.  We need to learn to ride the wave and not stand at the shore and simply be hit by it.  Set your own coarse and start moving forward.  Your destiny will will reveal itself.

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