Stars at night they twinkle
Afar and burning bright
Each a source of wonder
Standing bright amidst the night

We pay them small attention
For they are always there
We go about our business
With but a single care

But then there are the comets
Bright and racing past
Everyone takes notice
Even if they do not last

It’s what people remember
The dramatic burning light
That stands out on the landscape
And brightens up the night

Sacred Poems – Comets

Comets is about a young life that was cut short.  Much people are like stars in that people will look at them and not necessarily notice anything special.   They are generally in the same place that you looked at them last.  On the other hand, a comet streaks across the sky and eventually disappear in a blaze of glory.  We tend to remember the comets more than the stars around them.  They don’t last very long, but they make a difference on our lives and our experience.  Obviously a longer life is preferable to a short one, but we all should try to light up the world and make people remember that we were here.