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Take away my power Take away my life Take away my dreams To be a mother and a wife But what is it you’ve taken What is it you’ve earned Is your world now better With the lesson’s that you’ve learned Hear the crowds now chanting...

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How is it you’ve come this far So much reliance on the car Fossil fuels do earth no good Nor does cutting down trees for firewood Wasteful use of energy This is the picture that we see Profit is the motivation Controlled by...

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Whale Song

Barns and yarns and fairy tales Of iron men and ships with sails A distant view of times of yore And memories of the world’s first war Set adrift upon the sea Early in our century Back around a time of war The world has...

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The Fields

Long traditions with the land Are now oft lost to crete and sand There is no hope for planet three Without the water, land and trees How much land can one group take? Before they see their vast mistake To undo will take to long...

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See the patterns in a leaf Or colors in a coral reef Patterns don’t occur at random Just as lives evolve in tandem Worlds apart are linked this way Through thoughts and things not known today But soon you’ll see the...

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inspirational poems by Robert Longley