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How will you be remembered How will you be known What will people talk about When you are standing at God’s thrown Some people make a difference Just by being here Approaching every day with strength And not consumed by fear...

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Welcome to the starting line The world seems bright and new The crowd begins to gather They’ve been waiting there for you Don’t think of it as expectations Or goals that you must reach Think of it as an audience And people you...

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A little drop of sunshine A gentle breeze that blows Caring for this precious seed And love ensure it grows What will you grow into Will you spread your branches far Will you chart your own direction Or just wish upon a star For...

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In This Moment

A little ray of sunshine Shimmering and bright Will I see you tomorrow? After the dark of night Hardest is the waiting Wondering if the sun will rise Will God please reward us And let us take home our prize Knowing life is...

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Father’s Day Memories

From the moment that I saw you The twinkle in your eye I knew you’d call me Daddy Until the day I die You never really crawled that much But then one day you walked And went from silly noises To someone who just talked Soon the...

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Finding Grace

A little ray of sunshine A smile sent from God The start of a new journey On a path that is well trod In some ways a reflection In others fresh and new Reminders of a presence And love that’s oh so true So now begins the story...

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If Only

If I yell loud enough Will it stop the screams? Or take away the nightmares That haunt me in my dreams If I cry long enough Will it wash the blood away? And take away the fear I feel Every single day If I laugh strong enough...

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Snow Angels

The trees have lost their color The days are dark and gray Fall is near it’s ending Winter is not far away The playground oddly silent No laughter, fun or games Not a single answer When calling out their names Where is that they...

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