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Sometimes things are different Than how we dreamed they’d be Bright future full of options And all the world to see Memories of smiling faces Looking up at you And so much in the future You wish that you could do And so you...

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Seek Ye

Once you see the pattern Move beyond the shore Find the outer markers For clues to what’s in store Years have held the secrets Brought from far away Soon to share the promise Of that for which we pray Seen within the...

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Say Yes

What is it you’re waiting for The invitation clear You see the path before you And you know that change is near Sure it can be frightening There’s always fear with change All that now seems settled You’re about to rearrange...

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The table round is empty The chair awaits its king To usher a new order And the peace that may bring Far into the distance Yet close within our hearts We stand in quiet reflection From whence the story starts The faces are but...

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Days of Summer

Summer breezes blowing The days are warm and long Ideas are a blooming And winds of change are strong Bask amidst the sunlight Enjoy the longer days Creating new directions And finding better ways Use this time for progress Let...

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Many Questions

Where is it we’re going How it is we’ll know What are all the answers And keys to help us grow Peel away the layers Cast aside the veil Gather up your courage And then you cannot fail You may not know the direction You may not...

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It’s Time

Each of you is special Each of you is blessed There is no need for dwelling On when life was such a mess Part of it’s survival Another simply fate It’s time to find the joy And be finally free of hate But now the wound is open...

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