Category: Ancient Places

Feeling the Stones

Lost amidst the landscape Forgotten but to God Leaves us but to wonder And thinking that they’re odd The stones themselves are simple Their purpose more complex The reason we don’t see it We’ve lost the true context Part of it...

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Where is it you wonder Why did it go away Why has it stayed hidden From past until today So much now lost to legend The truth no longer known The patterns on the landscape O’er once others had flown It’s simple in its beauty The...

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Past Lives

When last you stood together Amidst the halls of stone You knew you’d travel separately Yet never be alone It was a time of grandeur Like few the world has seen You made a handsome couple In the roles of king and queen The...

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Prairies stretch in all directions Grasses blow like lake reflections Patterns dot the tabled plain Of missing links that form a chain These alphabet and number schemes Are things we’ve taught you in your dreams Know...

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Lessons of the Past

Whispers migrate through the halls Responding to forgotten calls It seems that man has come so far Yet forgotten how to reach the stars In days now past in years before You have a glimpse of what’s in store Though nothing...

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Water of Life

Within these waters, north/northwest Provide the answer to the test A single column then the road From which ideas will soon explode Though looked at for near forty years There has been none that sees them clear It’s in...

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