I will not be beaten
Even when I’m down
I will get back up again
My feet firmly on the ground

I will not be discouraged
When things don’t go my way
I will learn from the experience
And be back another day

You can not defeat me
My spirit standing tall
I will accept the challenge
And proudly give my all

Take your shot and do your worst
I’ll still be here when you’re gone
Let’s see what you are made of
It’s time – so bring it on

Sacred Poem: Bring It On

I don’t usually use people’s faces in pictures or try to tie my writings to sporting events.  Those of you know know me know that I’m essentially sports illiterate.  Being from New England, the Patriots and Red Sox eventually rub off on you regardless.  And in the case of the Superbowl, like the Patriots or not, you have to be impressed by the comeback from the first half.  We all need this sort of unwavering confidence and belief in all of the endeavors we have in our own lives.