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My Church

My church it has no boundaries No roof or floor or walls My church can be most any place When e’re the spirit calls You see it’s but a fixture To give substance to God’s love But there is no need for structure To connect with God above This fact gets lost in dogma And rivalries of state And all to oft unnoticed Until at heaven’s gate The lessons stand unteathered Where ever you might be For I am with you always And there you’ll be with...

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Fallen Leaves

Leaves that blow from autumn trees Prepare the way for winter freeze To chart the paths of moving time A cycle plays out nature’s rhyme Though sometimes leaves do fall in spring The sound’s an unfamiliar ring New from buds the leaves they form They grow amidst the sun so warm So why do some release their bounds? And tumble gently towards the ground To disconnect from what they know And sacrifice the chance to grow Only God can know these things And why he calls for leaves in spring Perhaps leaves choose to ride the wind To find some place to start...

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Listen to Me – spiritual guidance

Somewhere in the distance You hear a subtle voice And you wonder how it got there Was it fate or was it choice? You can’t make out the meaning For the words are hard to hear But it’s nice to know they’re talking Reminding you they’re near It’s not as you would have it Close to hear, and touch and hold But the voice will always be there While you’re young and when you’re old I’ve gone the way of whispers Now a guardian above But my distant voice will be there With my everlasting...

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Shared Dreams

When dreams come close together And whisper gentle thoughts We tend to see reality In ways that few are taught We’re reaching for the answers Like blind men in a storm To know again the feelings We’ve known to be so warm Exuberance unbounding It takes your breath away The drama of the moment And words we’ve yet to say Compunction stands behind us A figment of the past While dreams of times eternal Are visible at...

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Carpe Diem

Enjoy the slowly bluing sky With just a bit of clouds A morning in the making So try not to be too loud Most everyone is sleeping Or not fully yet awake Not knowing the direction That this new day might take So lets not spoil it just jet We’ll keep it a surprise At least until everyone wakes up And wipes sleep out of their eyes This could be almost any day But change is in the air Opportunity round every turn But you have to know it’s...

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