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Carpe Diem

Enjoy the slowly bluing sky With just a bit of clouds A morning in the making So try not to be too loud Most everyone is sleeping Or not fully yet awake Not knowing the direction That this new day might take So lets not spoil it just jet We’ll keep it a surprise At least until everyone wakes up And wipes sleep out of their eyes This could be almost any day But change is in the air Opportunity round every turn But you have to know it’s...

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River of Life

You’ve witnessed nature’s beauty A monumental feat An ever-changing landscape That’s never quite complete The ever-changing rivers And ever shifting sands Have brought forth many islands And sunken ancient lands It’s all about the process This constant ebb and flow That many watch with little thought But only God does know Poetry in motion In all it’s many forms A performance still in progress Through sunny days or...

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Stand upon the mountain Raise your wings up high Cast aside the chains of fear Trust and you will fly Rejoice now in the knowledge Returned to you this day You’ve always had the power To simply fly away So dance with me this evening Above the lands below The clouds provide our dance floor Neath the light of those we know The earth provides the music To set your spirit free You only need to trust yourself Fly! And you will see — Have you ever wondered at which point birds realize they can fly?  This inspirational poem...

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Butterfly Poem

Take a step outside your shell To drink the secrets of the well No longer will you fit inside There’s no more need to run and hide It’s easy now to be yourself And set your fears upon a shelf To close your eyes for just a thought And reconsider all you’re taught Wishes made when you were young Captured in the songs you sung Freed your heart to laugh and play Reminders of a former day So now you look through open eyes To ask the hows, the whens, the whys To search the world to find your...

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A Look Ahead

Standing here, alone it seems Up ahead, uncharted dreams Half the price at twice the cost All those things we thought we’d lost It’s not so hard to do these things Considering the joy it brings But who are we to chart the course To set the stage and feel the force The dreams of fifty million years Complete with all the joys and fears The days ahead are closing fast The promise of a day now past For those who wait, it’s not that far And once again, there’ll be a...

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inspirational poems by Robert Longley