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The Real You

What is it you’re waiting for The mountain to come to you Time to get your life in gear To do what you must do Cast aside the trappings The shell that held you in Time to be a butterfly Your new life must begin Find a new vocation And change the path you’re on Coat with paint the canvas Until all the pain is gone Flex your wings there’s something new A direction you must try Time to show the world what is really you It’s time for you to fly Sacred Poems – The Real You The...

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The Heartbeat of the Waves

Surf and sand invite us The heartbeat of the waves Always there in motion For all of mankind’s days Will you just enjoy the sound Or maybe set your sails Letting go your sight of land To be among the whales Others journey deep below To see what life exists And maybe meet a parrot fish Who surely should be kissed Maybe sit and close your eyes And remember times of yore And know that time is precious As we wish that there was more Sacred Poems – The Heartbeat of the Waves The Heartbeat of the Waves is an...

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To Serve Again

When through the act of circumstance A life’s course is changed We simply must find what’s important As our world is rearranged We are not the limits The physical world defines Change is only truly present When we see it in our mind Some times we find our greatness When in our darkest days Learning what is possible When we think in other ways In the end we overcome And we learn to serve again Discovering our true calling As a new life does begin Sacred Poem: To Serve Again Sooner or later most of our lives are derailed.  Maybe...

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Bring It On

I will not be beaten Even when I’m down I will get back up again My feet firmly on the ground I will not be discouraged When things don’t go my way I will learn from the experience And be back another day You can not defeat me My spirit standing tall I will accept the challenge And proudly give my all Take your shot and do your worst I’ll still be here when you’re gone Let’s see what you are made of It’s time – so bring it on Sacred Poem: Bring It On I don’t usually use people’s...

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A View of Possibilities

Share with me a vision Of the entire world as free Borders do not divide us Or restrict our liberty Share with me a handshake Across the great divide Its time to come together And bridge this chasm wide Its here we share experience Our joys, our lives our fears And know we are not different Through happiness and tears If you can step back far enough The truth is what you’ll see A view of possibilities Where people can be free — Sacred Poem: A View of Possibilities When we look really closely at things, we tend to...

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