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The Strength Within

Build the world you dream of In your heart and in your mind Leave things a little better From the challenges you find Stretch yourself in directions You wouldn’t always go And you will find new purpose And ways that you can grow These are the seeds I’ve planted And sometimes seen come true Not only in my own life But in my children too Just as one dream is ending Another one can begin Fueled by love and memories And strength you have within The Strength Within A friend of mine’s father recently lost his battle with cancer....

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Never Far From Home

The journey is a challenge To go where few would go To find the strength inside us That someday lets us grow We do the work and try our best Though often not enough Sometimes there are no answers When the road ahead is rough What might bring us closer Can sometimes drive apart And leave us just with memories We keep within our heart And so things end unfinished But no matter where I roam There will always be a part of me That’s never far from home ——— Never Far From Home is an inspirational poem about...

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What is Inside

A seed that’s caught from falling Will never reach the ground And as such its true potential Never can be found Watching is the hardest part The tree lets go its seed Knowing it must fall away If its power should be freed There is no way of knowing Which seeds will find their way We hope that they will safely land And learn to grow some day There is comfort in the knowing That somewhere in each seed Is all of life’s instructions And all the love they need What is Inside What is Inside is an inspirational...

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The Lake

Friendly and inviting The ducks call out your name To watch the morning sunrise You’ll never be the same The mountains gently cradle The water from both sides Lovingly embraced As if with a sense of pride Many enjoy its beauty Its majesty and charm But we also should protect it And keep it safe from harm We owe it to our future To honor well the past And pass on this noble beauty As something that should last The Lake The Lake is an inspirational poem by Robert Longley about Lake George.  It could just as easily be...

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So much in a sister Is knowing true your heart Sharing things no one else knows Of what we are a part Stories told at bedtime And secrets few could know Always there for guidance In times we have to grow You see our time as finite Which couldn’t be further from the truth Connection is truly timeless Like the moments of our youth We can still have conversations Though you might need to listen more There’s more to life and living And adventures yet in store Sisters Sisters is an inspirational poem by Robert Longley about the connection...

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